Friday, February 26, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 52 - How I personally deal with the "you don't care about animals who are suffering NOW" accusation. (Also, please read Rain Without Thunder!)

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This week I talk about how I personally deal with the accusation that advocates of the abolitionist approach "don't care about animals who are suffering NOW!"  For starters, I strongly recommend listening to this debate (there is a link to the audio in the post itself. Please listen):

and I strongly STRONGLY recommend reading Rain Without Thunder.  Please please read this book.

I also talk about how the focus of all our interactions with each other and anyone with whom we are engaging with this issue should remain on the real issue leaving ego and personality out of it. Whether or not you like me is unimportant, it is what I am saying that matters.  If you don't like what I am saying, let's talk about that not about whether or not you like my personality.  That conversation is an unforgivable waste of both our time.  As a wonderful advocate @VeraVeganA said yesterday:
"When ppl call me names & I feel sad, I rapidly focus on nonhumans again & keep on track"

Now that is what I'm talking about Vera! 

I also talk about Professor Gary Steiner who did this great interview on Animal World:
Animal World Doctor Gary Steiner: A Vegan Diet is a Moral Obligation
You can download both parts 1 and 2 (scroll down to the bottom of the screen)

Finally I talk about my revamped AUT University Club, here is the website, please let me know what you think (it is still not finished yet). A million thanks to William Paul for all the help.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 51 - Special Guest Sam Tucker from Food for Thought Radio

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This week I speak to fellow NZ abolitionist and podcaster Sam Tucker about single issue campaigns, welfarist thinking and what the future may hold for a 14 year old vegan.  We also speak a little bit about living in a farming community and advocating for veganism at a school where many of the students actually live on farms themselves.

In this episode we talk about Sam's radio show and podcast, which can be accessed from the following site:

We mention the last fft radio episode (which will be available in iTunes soon):
Johnny Weir and Single Issue Campaigns

Here is the article profiling Sam on Veganacious
Fierce at Fourteen

Follow Sam on Twitter:

And we also discuss another recent single issue campaign in New Zealand, you can read a local newspaper article about it here:
Auckland SPCA to destroy catch-a-cray games

Thanks Sam for coming on the show!