Sunday, January 14, 2018

NZVP Ep. 139 - Happy New Year 2018

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So this is a confessional with a New Year's resolution attached.

Here is a link to the saved recordings of the Webinar videos with Gary Francione and Anna Charlton - the one called Advocate For Animals is the latest one but they are all worth a watch. You can also sign up to see them live and have your questions answered live:

Check out the new book!!  Advocate for Animals!: here is a blog post about it with a link at the top to where you can get it:

Here is the How Do I Go Vegan website: there is a link to their Facebook page

Frances McCormack is the vegan mentor from How Do I Go Vegan (there might be other people too that I don't know about!):

Here is a post showing their week of fast easy meal ideas (this is from Facebook page):

Here is a link to the International Vegan Association Nutrition guide if you live overseas and I highly recommend it:

Thanks for listening!