Saturday, February 10, 2018

NZVP Ep.141 - getting back out there again and managing insecurities fear and paranoia and conditioning

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Wow. I was sheltered for so long at my job.  This is getting back out into the real world and I am finding out again about all my limitations and the things holding me back (myself, basically). It's a painful look in the mirror but worth doing.

Here is Peggy's video from The World Vegan Summit - it is so inspiring.  All the videos from the abolitionist approach advocates are so please watch them all.

PLEASE learn The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights.  Read the Six Principles.  Go on the website and watch all the Videos.  Read the Books - try to get them at your local library if you can't afford to buy them.

We can do this people!  We must.

Here is my badge I was talking about, that I wear every day

Notes and corrections:

1. ARGH so sorry the condition I was talking about is IRITIS (not Rinitis!!!) or Uveitis - here is information about it, it's good to learn about different things people are going through.

2. I completely forgot that years ago I had heard of one situation that a vegan was going through, who did have a terrible medical condition in which her body could not make or maintain its own cholesterol, and therefore was in an awful situation as was really really struggling to find a way to maintain her vegan diet without dying, literally.  It was a very hard thing, and a long struggle, that was very real, and this was a situation in which animal products (which unlike plants contain cholesterol) seemed to be the only medically viable option for them.  Luckily, and also because this person believed in animal rights they finally found a way (I don't know the exact details) to manage it without having to compromise their veganism.  So I actually also relayed that story to the person I was talking to as well, using it as an example to talk about the animal rights point of view. 

3. Sorry if the quality is so bad, I was just planning to do a 10 minute video but it turned into 40 minutes so too big for me to figure out how to upload, so it's now a podcast with really bad audio quality.

Friday, February 2, 2018

NZVP Ep. 140 - Yes, I do want to discourage you from single issue activism and welfarist activism

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Here is the podcast with Wayne Hsiung, Gary Francione and Bob Linden - the discussion occurs starting at about 36 minutes into the show.

Here is the ever important, historical, monumental must listen debate between Erik Marcus and Gary Francione (if calling it a 'conversation' will make you listen to it, then call it a conversation) it's a MUST LISTEN:

Here is a link to Gary Francione's BOOKS.  READ THEM!
This is Rain Without Thunder, published in 1996:

We know the world isn't going to go vegan overnight okay????

This is that blog post I talked about about the coalition needed for these single issue campaigns (also discussed in the podcast with Bob Linden and Wayne Hsiung). It's called" Why Welfare Reform Campaigns and Single-Issue Campaigns Necessarily Promote Animal Exploitation

Here is the blog post on the importance of theory and how everyone, even those who says they don't subscribe to theory, is actually operating under some kind of theory:

Here is that podcast I did about "one way" activism:

Check out Vanda Kadas' facebook page to see her fantastic, REGULARLY OCCURRING abolitionist approach vegan stall that she does every week!!! Here is a photo: