Sunday, March 28, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 54 - New podcasts and blogs coming out and notes from the stall

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This week I relate some experiences from the street stall in the hopes that it will help anyone else who is promoting veganism to people.  Big shout out to William Paul for all his help and for being such a wonderful street stall colleague.

I also mention some new developments:
Barbara De Grande from Veganacious is doing a podcast!!!  Please subscribe on iTunes here and you can also listen to the first episode here.
Props to Jordan Wyatt from Coexisting with Nonhuman Animals for helping to make this happen.

OOO I just went to the blog to post the link and there is a NEW EPISODE UP!  You can access it here or I recommend subscribing on iTunes.

I also talk about singer-songwriter Ben Frost who is writing music in support of Animal Rights and posting the videos on YouTube
The first song is called I Am Someone - A Call for Veganism and the second one is called Killed for Taste, Loved for Companionship - The Notes of Moral Schizophrenia
Please subscribe to Ben on YouTube here

I mention a great new blog called Full Irish Vegan.  This is the bread I made: Wheaten Loaf Masquerading as Soda Bread.  It was so easy and delicious, especially with vegan butter and jam.

I talk about Professor Francione new commentary number 16.  Please listen here or even better, subscribe to the commentary on iTunes.

I mention Colleen Patrick Goudreau's podcast episode where she talks about personal choice.  You can hear it here

Friday, March 12, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 53 - Joint Statement by a Group of Abolitionist Vegan Feminists for International Women's Day

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This week I read a statement from a group of Abolitionist Vegan Feminists, including myself, voicing our objection to sexism in the animal movement.  You can also read the statement as iit is posted in various blogs whose links are below, also Porolita has read it on her YouTube channel, in English and in Spanish, and I hope to read it in Spanish also for my NZ Vegano Podcast.  I hope you enjoy and I REALLY hope you agree with it :-)

Thanks for listening. 

The essay has been signed by the following advocates:

Jo Charlebois -
Vera Cristofani
Kerry Wyler
Mylène Ouellet -
Elizabeth Collins -
Trisha Roberts -
Ana María Aboglio -
Paola Aldano de Meoño -

Karin Hilpisch  -

Renata Peters  

Here are the sites featuring the essay:

My Face is on Fire
The Starting Point