Friday, April 23, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 55 - Domestication, Abortion and some topics for future episode


This week I talk about my new job, the new member of my family, domestication and why I am more and more opposed to it every day, and I talk about the irrelevancy of the abortion issue to animal rights.
Here is a link to the "Elizabeth Collins cont'd" part of my "profile" from my new job (scroll down):

This is the link to the debate on Michael Medved's radio show between Gary L.  Francione and Wesley J.Smith:
This is a link to the article requesting people to call in next time:

These are the links to the discussion about promoting veganism: FIrstly the original article by Stephanie Ernst that started the discussion off:
Then Mylène's article:
Gary Francione's twitlonger: - (You have to belong to LiveVegan on facebook to read this) or you can read it here:
Ditto this one, Dave Langlois twitlonger: - or you can read it here:
Here is a link to LiveVegan's new PODCAST on YouTube where this is also discussed:
And Vincent Guihan discusses it here also:

Finally, meet Zsebi (she put herself there, she is looking for comfort always, because normally she would be surrounded by furry, purring momma and brothers and sisters).