Saturday, June 12, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 57 - the key word is UNEQUIVOCAL

Listen HERE

This week I talk about too much stuff to write about here, but the following are all the relevant links:
Now available in iTunes

Mylène Ouellet's podcast is also on iTunes
Veganacious' Barbara DeGrande new podcast episode is here oo and here is an interview she did with Mylène!  Darn, I knew I had missed something out! >:(

Sam Tucker's latest episode can be accessed through this page
LiveVegan's podcast can be accessed through their You Tube channel here
*Gasp* I hope I didn't miss something out.

OOPS I did it again.  Oh dear.   I said Four thousand eight hunded animals were killed by PETA in 2009 but according to the article it was 2, 352.  However, that doesn't change my point,  still  I apologise for again getting my figures wrong:
8 Animals on Opposing Views by Gary Francione

That link is to an opposing views page that linked to an Abolitionist Approach blog entry related to the story.  Have a look at the comments and you will see what I mean.  For example, the comment by Heidi Parker, Mail Coordinator, PETA Foundation and the comment immediately following her comment, for that matter.

Here is a link to the Vegan Examiner Adam Kochanowicz's article on the Mercy For Animals video: My Thoughts on MFA's video

Here is a link to the article about the UN:

Finally, here is a link to Vegan Poet M. Butterflies Katz's blog where she has the articles: The Vegan Truth

I hope I remembered everything!