Thursday, May 20, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 56 - Veganism is not a diet, also I re-visit and clarify some things I said in the last episode, plus my updated job profile!

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This week I talk about a Veganism is not a diet, and I also just want to clarify some of the things I said last time, just to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.  Also, I have a new update about my profile from my job, there is a permanent entry and they have put a link to this website, for which I am very surprised and pleased :)

Here is a link to the new profile:

This is the link to the CNN article that I mention:
Global bake sale is 'sweet' activism

And this is the link to the article I mention from My Face is on Fire :
Flirting With Hypocrisy -- A 'Kinda" Diet

Thanks for listening!