Saturday, August 8, 2009

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 35 - Part 2 of my interview with special guest Francis Glass, abolitionist vegan coordinator of Animal Liberation Youth

Listen HERE

Part two of my interview with Francis Glass from Animal Liberation Youth, of Animal Liberation Victoria. We talk about the social conditioning we are up against, the deep rooted moral schizophrenia in our lives as human beings and the profound effect on our psyche and our peace of mind. We talk about young men, or all men, in many cultures who are terribly depressed and repressed because of being pressured into being so unreasonably "tough" and expected to be violent in order to prove their "toughness" (i.e. eat meat etc), and relate this to the violence we tolerate in our lives on a daily basis, violence we can end if we so choose! We emphasize how damaging this perpetual violence is to our world and ourselves, and discuss different methods to open people's minds to the knowledge that they no longer have to struggle with the guilt and the fear and the violence, and they can go vegan. Thank you Francis for coming on the show!


  1. Very inspiring to hear someone as young as Francis talk about Abolition and activism. The statistics mentioned about CO2 emissions for transportation being 13%, and Livestock being 18% - did he mention to you which publication are those from?

    Would be good to know, so when I use that, and someone asks me to backup the claim, I can point them to the facts. Great show Elizabeth!

  2. I'm quite sure they are from the U.N. 2006 publication "livestock's long shadow"!