Thursday, November 12, 2009

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 42 - How it is the opposite of manly to consume animal products and partake in violence on innocents

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This week I address the silliness of thinking that it is "manly" to consume animal products, specifically "eating meat" because that is one of the most touted myths and one of the biggest misunderstandings of our times, and is another paradigm shift in thinking that we must dismantle and redirect towards obvious truth. Thanks for listening!

Please check out these quotes at Atheist Vegan:
Pro Slavery
Anti Slavery


  1. What a great podcast!
    I am sending a link to my hunky strong intelligent vegan husband right now!!!
    I think the problem lies in gender stereotypes that disallow men to express emotions and colours all womens thought as purely reactive and emotional. These impressions are obviously false but they force themselves into existence by repetition and enforcement by society and the media.
    The really stupid thing is that veganism has been portrayed as emotional and thus 'girly'. I think we all get upset (and should) by the way animals are explioted, male or female we all cry- even if only us women have the luxury of expressing our grief in public.
    there's a very logical factual 'male' discourse that supports veganism too, which men like Gary Francione articulate perfectly. If you agree that unessesarry cruelty to animals is wrong (and most- even the manliest of men do) then logically you should go vegan. No tears required!
    So while the feminist in me will try to deconstruct gender roles that restrict and disempower both sexes, I can also play within the madenning rules of the game by presenting a logical coherent argument for veganism that 'manly' men can relate to.

    anyway just wanted to say thanks on behalf of my husband who is much too manly to express his gratitude personally - ha ha :)

  2. Hi!
    Thank you so much for listening and for these great observations, and I am very glad that your husband is vegan and can show the world what a real man is!