Friday, March 4, 2011

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 73 - Hurting others to help others ends up hurting everyone


Relevant links to this podcast:

Veganism as a Minimum Standard of Decency by Dan Cudahy from Unpopular Vegan Essays

The articles about the Vegan Society's advertising of non vegan establishments, inluding a pdf of a thread on facebook that was deleted after they shamefully deleted Gary Francione from the page:

The article on John Robbins I mentioned, by Mylène Ouellet:

And finally, a response to the latest claims by welfare advocates pointing to the same study each time it seems:

Thanks for listening


  1. Hello Elizabeth

    Enjoyed the show and I hope your job goes well. I too have had some major issues with my veganism and supporting causes where I know my vegan interests are in conflict. Like you it makes my head kind of spin alot.

    I'll give you an example. I started going to a Greens on campus meeting. I work at a university. People there love the environment. Food options? Nothing vegan and sometimes not even vegetarian. That makes me sad because I feel that the no.1 cause of environmental damage in this world is related to our violence and exploitation of animals. Your mention of Sea Shepard and the food options there made me depressed. Because at the end of the day if I went and said I was a vegan and commented that I thought the distinction we place on whales as compared to say cows was weird and morally wrong, I could very well get a hostile (at worst) response.

    So back to the group. I try to steer the conversation away from topics where I know I can't contribute like free range meat (why is it better?) or welfarism (oh wow a bigger cage instead of a smaller cage) but to me it all comes back down to one thing the more I think about it. And that is veganism if you love the environment and people and animals is the minimum you can do, it really is. You will cause less pain, less violence, less environmental harm and less everything really!

    So yes my brain is like pong at the moment too and it was awesome to hear someone else articulate those thoughts.

  2. LOL! Pong, i am glad i am not the only one who's brain is playing pong on a daily basis. :)