Monday, June 10, 2013

NZVP Ep 104 - Street Stall evidence of the paradigm shifting. ***NOTE: I AM NO LONGER AFFILIATED WITH OR SUPPORT TAVS


Listen HERE

This is the essay I mentioned:  Revolution of the Heart

Quote from the essay: "The abolition of animal exploitation requires a paradigm shift. It requires that we reject violence at its most fundamental level. It requires a recognition that violence is inherently wrong.The abolition of animal exploitation requires a nonviolent revolution–a revolution of the heart."

This is, of course, the WONDERFUL vegankit!

The Boston Vegan Association:
Facebook page (to see all the activities they do!  Always have wanted to emulate them)
Here is their website:
Their wonderful Nutritional Pamphlet:

Please excuse the terrible sound quality (all the popped p's and t's for example) - it's just going to be that way for a while till I get Pro Tools again.  I am really sorry!!!!


  1. Both of the posters I have made are available online.

    Here is the first:

    Here is the second:

    Happy to hear you podcasting again!

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much Nathan!!! :) thank you for the wonderful flyers they are a hit !

  3. I found your podcast doing a search for New Zealand Podcasters.
    I like your style on the microphone! Very conversational and personal. I've only heard the latest episode, but I will keep listening.
    Have you thought of adding an iTunes link on the site? Or have I just missed it?

  4. Hi Leo thank you so much! Great idea for the iTunes link I thought I had one but maybe I don't.

  5. I've been looking for a good podcast blog and I found yours if you have the time can you please submit your podcast here on Podcast Directory thanks

  6. Hi there sorry I took so long to reply! Thank you so much, I think I did submit it or some one did, I will check it out. Thanks again!

  7. OK it's not there I am trying to submit it I am having trouble but I will try to make it happen. Thanks for the suggestion.