Friday, February 2, 2018

NZVP Ep. 140 - Yes, I do want to discourage you from single issue activism and welfarist activism

Listen HERE

Here is the podcast with Wayne Hsiung, Gary Francione and Bob Linden - the discussion occurs starting at about 36 minutes into the show.

Here is the ever important, historical, monumental must listen debate between Erik Marcus and Gary Francione (if calling it a 'conversation' will make you listen to it, then call it a conversation) it's a MUST LISTEN:

Here is a link to Gary Francione's BOOKS.  READ THEM!
This is Rain Without Thunder, published in 1996:

We know the world isn't going to go vegan overnight okay????

This is that blog post I talked about about the coalition needed for these single issue campaigns (also discussed in the podcast with Bob Linden and Wayne Hsiung). It's called" Why Welfare Reform Campaigns and Single-Issue Campaigns Necessarily Promote Animal Exploitation

Here is the blog post on the importance of theory and how everyone, even those who says they don't subscribe to theory, is actually operating under some kind of theory:

Here is that podcast I did about "one way" activism:

Check out Vanda Kadas' facebook page to see her fantastic, REGULARLY OCCURRING abolitionist approach vegan stall that she does every week!!! Here is a photo:

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