Saturday, July 13, 2013

NZVP Ep. 105 - The Abolitionist/Welfarist Debate goes live

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Here is the link to Gary Francione's Plenary Speech:

There is also a link to the audio from the debate in the above article however here is the Youtube video of it:
Thank you to Alanna Andrews for uploading it, much appreciated.

Here is that pdf I mentioned that talks about human rights (from Bruce Friedrich's part of the debate): NZ Vegan Facebook posting

Here is that poster I mentioned (FB Link only sorry):

Forgot to mention this wonderful statement from the TAVS newsletter! :

""Bruce Friedrich used his opening statement to claim that when it comes to animal advocacy, he and Professor Francione agree on all but one thing – whether animal advocates should oppose animal welfare (as if pursuing animal welfare is a passive position instead of an active position against animal rights). By claiming they agree on all but one thing (which reflects outright denial, a lack of understanding of The Abolitionist Approach, or both), he was attempting to dismiss the fundamental differences between The Abolitionist Approach and the welfare approach. The more he could dismiss the fundamental differences, the more he could try to make Professor Francione appear divisive and actually opposed to alleviating animal suffering. But clearly there are disagreements about fundamental principles here; why else would we need a debate at “the world’s largest and longest-running animal rights gathering”? Denial of the differences in the fundamental principles is just that - denial."

Here is the article I mentioned from My Face Is On Fire:

Hope I remembered everything!  Thanks for listening.