Monday, May 4, 2009

CORRECTION to misinformation. Please forgive me for my error in mixing up names and websites.

Listen HERE

I made an embarrassing mistake in my last episode. Please accept my apologies to Dan Cudahy and Roger Yates for messing up. Roger's website is On Human-Nonhuman Relations:

and Dan's website is called Unpopular Vegan Essays:

I am so sorry for making that mistake. Please check out these great blogs. Forgive me Dan and Roger.


  1. Forgiven! You mentioned the number of vegan podcasts and websites on your last show - this is proof of what Gary Francione has claimed, that the internet has opened up a new phase of campaigning (and one that is harder for the mainstream to silence and marginalise - which is brilliant for the evolution of a social movement).

    I see numerous sites giving advice on veganism, vegan recipes, where to buy, etc. It will be interesting to see if the numbers of vegans rise in the coming years due to this (while the mainstream move to pretend that veganism and vegetarianism are interchangeable ideas).

    best wishes - RY

  2. Hi Knuckles,

    Thanks for the shout out, and no problem about the mix up with Roger – all of us abolitionist bloggers look, walk, and talk the same anyway! :-D

    Also, you did well (especially compared to most people) on the pronunciation of my last name, which is pronounced cud-ah-hee, with the emphasis on cud, as in what a cow chews. :)


  3. Hi,
    Our university just started an animality program and listed this in the resources section:
    Didn't know if you were aware of it or not--thought it may be of some interest!

  4. Hi Cory
    thanks for the link, I will definitely check it out. Have you attended any of the lectures or anything yourself? I think that it would be great to have someone there talking about Abolitionist Veganism :-)

  5. It's a new program and they aren't particularly active. I go to Colorado State University--home of notorious welfarists Bernard Rollin and Temple Grandin, I'm the only abolitionist for miles! :)

  6. Hi! That's not unusual. However, it is better you than no one! Good on you.