Saturday, May 2, 2009

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 18 - Work in a non-vegan world; my first vegan speech; and further proof of the effectiveness of peaceful vegan activism

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This week I talk about my personal experiences trying to work and earn a living as a vegan in a non-vegan world. I also talk about an interesting reaction I had (the way I reacted not the other people) upon being given my very first opportunity ever to address a group of relative strangers about veganism.
I also talk about Colleen Patrick-Goudreau with whom many people are already very familiar. So far I have not done any more than go to the iTunes Store and read a few of the 255 reviews, and listen to a couple of minutes of a show, all of which I just did now actually (although I am now of course a subscriber and will be listening to every single episode!). Even without listening any further and just by reading the reviews I know that this is someone I can learn from. I can't wait to hear all the podcasts. I have put a link in the link section to her podcast Food for Thought:
and I also recommend going to the iTunes Store and reading some of the reviews. This is further proof of the effectiveness of peaceful vegan activism. I am grateful to those people who informed me about Colleen's podcast, it is very inspiring, re-affirming and empowering to see such effective vegan activism. I haven't had a real chance to listen yet - I am going off of what I have been told, and the incredible comments left by people about the podcast on the iTunes Store. I look forward to learning from and being inspired by such effective vegan activism.


  1. Hey Knuckles - thanks for the mention of my site, On Human-Nonhuman Relations.

    Are you on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter? Good way of advertising your podcast.

    best wishes

    Roger Yates

  2. Hi Roger
    I must apologize I got the names mixed up and I had to correct that. My apologies to you and also Dan Cudahy for mixing up your names and websites - I said that Dan's Website was yours instead of getting it right. agghh. I am very sorry for that. I have hopefully corrected that as best I could with a little explanatory audio clip.
    I really appreciate all you do and the fantastic websites supporting abolition.

  3. No worries - compared to the mistakes I made, this does not register!

  4. Often it only takes a small bit of information to get people thinking clearly... I'm sure your talk got a few minds awakened...

    I know a vegan who works in a department store... selling high end leather bags. One can only imagine how exhausted she must feel at the end of her day. But as you know vegan jobs aren't that easy to come by.

    Thanks once again for an informative podcast. :)