Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 26 - Abolition in NZ continued

Listen HERE

This week I talk about some great local activism done by Sam, a NZ Vegan who is 13 years old, who blew me away with his new website, the first real website from New Zealand that gets to the truth of what dairy products really are, using a New Zealand perspective which is so important in our culture, and spreading the word about veganism in a very effective way!
NZ Dairy Cruelty
Thanks Sam! I am very grateful, I can now recommend this site to local people to show them the truth right from their own backyard, and it is a fantastic resource for us who are spreading the word about this cause and to educate people about veganism.
This week I talk a lot about my country as I am trying to bring the vegan abolition message to more people here, and I am looking forward to doing some grass roots activism with my abolitionist colleagues, and I am hoping to be prepared for anything, but I know we will learn as we go along.
I hope to have more guests on the show soon!


  1. Greetings from another late life Vegan. Found you through a @RogerYates post on Twitter. I commend you on your Abolitionist transition and efforts but also on your enthusiasm! I feel I have now connected with another (very important) "dot" on the worldwide Vegan landscape.


  2. Hi Jeff!
    that is so cool! Me too :-) It is good to meet you. Thanks for getting in touch.

  3. Another great podcast Elizabeth, thank you so much for all you are doing. And now you are enriching my facebook experience as well - way to go!
    I may be wrong, but i think you are the only one doing bi-lingual English/EspaƱol vegan podcasts - it's really awesome and means a lot to have something done by another extranjera like myself, to share with Spanish friends.
    Gracias amiga.

  4. Hey chica linda! Thank you for listening and for all you do too.

  5. Wonderful podcast as usual Elizabeth... It's always refreshing to hear your voice and message!

    But this one in particular is inspiring! The creator of NZ Dairy Cruelty is talented, polished, and enthusiastic! Has me believing there's hope. Thanks for sharing and all you do! :)

  6. Hi from Toronto Canada, great podcast (starting to listen from the beginning! keep it up