Sunday, January 3, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 47 - Three NZ abolitionists hit the streets!

Listen HERE

I have had a wonderful week hanging out with my fellow NZ abolitionists William and Vish, and we had a chance to do the street stall together!  This epidsode we talk about our experiences on Queen Street in our first street stall event of 2010.

We also mention Part 1 of the BBC Documentary Animals and Us which is archived here:

Thanks Vish for coming up to Auckland to visit us and thanks to both William and Vish for helping with the street stall and for coming on the podcast.


And remember; THE WORLD IS VEGAN!  If we want it.


  1. This is a terrific podcast, Elizabeth.

    I am recommending it to all new and recent vegan advocates!!

  2. An absolutely wonderful podcast, Elizabeth. We need more of that: reports from the street stall, and conversations about the experiences. It's so very helpful and encouraging.

    And you were great on Gary's podcast.

  3. Hey, do u have any photos of the street stand? I would love to see it!

  4. I do have some they are on my facebook but I will upload them to this blog. Don't be disappointed on how small it is - I have to carry it on the bus hee hee :-)

  5. OK I put some photos they are on the right hand side of the blog now. :-)