Friday, January 22, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 50 - The new era has begun

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This week I talk about Victor Schonfeld's article in the Guardian newspaper and Ingrid Newkirk's response in the same paper.  Please go on there and comment, please help us spread the vegan message.  It is really happening, I can feel it in my bones.

These are the links

Five Fatal Flaws of Animal Activism
(Victor Schonfeld)

A pragmatic fight for animal rights
(Ingrid Newkirk)

Please read this latest blog post (and then go on to read the entire site of course) by Vincent Guihan of We Other Animals which really nicely illustrates some of the things I am bumbling on about today.
Hegemonic Tendancies

Thanks for listening!


  1. Spot-on comments, Elizabeth.

    I enjoy very much listening to you. You are a born podcaster.

    Also, you did an excellent job in the comment section of the Guardian articles by Schonfeld and Newkirk.

  2. Thanks Karin, for so much positive reinforcement and support, and I learn heaps from you so I always enjoy seeing your contributions to pieces such as those in the guardian, they are extremely valuable for everyone to read. :)

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    just stopping by to tell you that I still admire you for all the thousand things you do. :-)

  4. SAFE are traitors to animal liberation ! they are welfarist wimps who only want your cash!

  5. Well I agree they are welfarist for sure, but I usually prefer no name calling!

    I try to avoid it in myself and on my blog so please keep that in consideration when you comment in future, just in the interests of civility. I am a bit old fashioned that way :-)

    Anyway the general sentiment is that you don't agree with SAFE and in that I am in total agreement.

  6. good to see you did some abolitionist stalls! keep it up!
    in solidarity

  7. According to Google translate the above comment means:

    "Smiling and happy every day ~ ~"

    thank you

  8. About peta... Pragmatism will always yield to efficiency. I suppose that's why they've given slaughterhouse designers "awards".

    On a brighter note - Happy 50th! :)

  9. but victor schonfeld is not vegan!!!! is this peta's fault?? but there are so many people that became vegan because of peta!! strange, isn't it??

  10. Hi Anonymous

    If Victor is not vegan that is on Victor. Did you listen to the podcast? I talk all about your last sentence. If you did listen, it appears you may have missed the point, but from your last comment I have a feeling you didn't listen to the podcast, but rather just read the text, at least that is the impression I got.

    However, I can't be sure, because it is so easy to misconstrue what people write as there are no non-verbal communicators to go by, such as tone or facial expression, so we often read what we WANT to read rather than what the person who wrote it actually meant. Strange isn't it??

    Maybe if you address the points I raised in the podcast about that very same issue of PETA then I can better address your comment.