Friday, August 6, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 60 - Special Guest Diane Ellis, spokesperson for Vegecat vegan cat food

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This episode it was a pleasure and a joy to feature Diane Ellis who was referred to me by James Peden from Harbingers of a New Age, creators of Vegecat and Vegedog.  Diane is their spokesperson, and is among other things an expert on feline nutrition, who has successfully raised three cats (and two dogs - of course!) on diets free from animal products, which is a success story I wish we could hear more of.

She has very positive experiences and lots of great knowledge to share, for those who are interested in the issue, those who have tried to implement a dietary change for their felines (such as myself) and were not successful, or for those who are considering doing so now or in the future, in order for them to make an informed decision and hear positive and helpful information.

We talk about Diane's wonderful cats Tomato, Razzie and Coconut, and I hope to have photos and videos soon.  We talk about how the Vegecat food was created, and how important it is to follow the recipes provided by Harbingers of a New Age, as they were specially formulated with the help of a veterinarian Andrew Knight.  We mention the horrors of commercial pet food and talk about the fear that many vegans have that they will harm their feline refugees if they attempt to feed them anything but a meat based diet, and discuss why some cats have not thrived on other vegan diet foods.

You can contact Diane for advice and help through:
The following websites were mentioned in the podcast and are the links to the information about commercial diets, and also to the website containing information about Vegecat vegan cat food from Harbingers of a New Age.

(Note and disclaimer: I am providing any links listed below due to the pertinent information to the issues and products discussed in this podcast episode.   I do not necessarily endorse or agree with absolutely everything stated on these sites.  Additionally I do not necessarily endorse links that are provided on these sites.)

 Thanks Diane for coming on the show!

Diane has asked me to post this update, because she wants people to be aware that although she loves the fact that people are interested and need advice, she does have to make a living, and cannot answer every single email!  You can also go to her website to reference advice on this matter also: where there is listed a limited time discounted price list for consultations in case you are able:
$75.00 per a 1 hour session for all pets and humans in the same household.
$45.00 per a 30 minute session per one household.
These reduced prices will expire on December 31st, 2010.

If you get some Vegecat remember that the creator of the product James Peden is very knowledgeable and helpful also, and their website has tons of FAQs.


  1. I don't currently care for a cat but I'm sure this interview will be helpful to many vegans and non vegans alike who do. I'll refer all cat guardians I know to it.

  2. Thanks Lucas, I think it is good for all cat guardians to hear also, whether they are vegans or not! :-)

  3. My partner and I found it inspiring and I am currently including a link to this podcast in a newsletter I'll be sending out. Thanks!

    - Niilo

  4. I need to catch to vegan cat train. two of my cats are happy with vegan food but one is picky. Maybe a slow transition.

  5. If you can get the supplements to your country (and afford to, it's not cheap unfortunately) you can mix them. A picky cat finds the food too bland and not stinky enough - even a teaspoon of stinky food in the vegecat meal should be enough to attract them. Then at least you are cutting down hugely on the commercial food. Definitely have to make a slow transition though. Not sure what to do if it is kibble though, I only give my cats kibble as a treat. They go insane for Ami cat, even Buda :)