Sunday, August 22, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 61 - The sociology of posting "meat" pictures on animal rights threads

Listen HERE

Analysing the sociology behind the posting of pictures of flesh and animal products on Animal Rights internet forums. 

Special guests Roger Yates from On Human Nonhuman Relations, and wonderful abolitionist advocate Timothy E. Putnam!


I forgot to add that in honour of Dr. Yates this is a BELLS podcast.
(Bells courtesy of Zsebi the kitten)


  1. Terrific podcast! I am finally caught up on all your wonderful archived episodes. Always a delight to hear what Dr. Yates has to say...I always learn so many new things. Nice to hear from Tim too! Thank you! Lara

  2. I really treasure these interviews you share with us...and it's great someone is recording this stuff for the history books :)

  3. Thanks Lara thanks Corey!
    I love having guests!
    (hint hint)