Sunday, October 3, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 66 - Update on Duffy the cat plus my elevator experience and other stories


here is a photo of Duffy in his hopefully new and permanent home:

This is the link to Professor Gary Francione's latest commentary where he gives great advice about talking to non vegans about veganism: Five Principles

This is a link to Barbara DeGrande's latest podcast about personal relationships as a vegan: Dating While Vegan

Here is a link to Mylène Ouellet's latest article: What's Sometimes Hardest

Here is a link to Adam Kochanowicz's Vegan Help Bot I mentioned:
and to his website: Vegan FM


  1. Thanks for another great episode!

    I find it immensely useful to listen to activists talking about their personal experiences with advocating veganism. I’m (still) more active on the internet than on the streets, but I’ve already learned so much listening to Gary, Adam, or you I can’t value it enough. Please do go on! :-)

    However, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to talk to people about veganism simply by having a "vegan" sticker on my bike or by wearing a pullover with the word on it. While we’re at it, let me shamelessly promote a design my girlfriend has made:

    As always, I can’t wait for your next episode!

  2. Hi Martin
    thanks so much, it is always good to hear from other advocates. I totally agree about wearing vegan on you, and I LOVE the shirts your girlfriend has made, what a pretty design!

  3. Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for mentioning me in the podcast. My lastname is French, but your pronunciation was close enough ;).

    Anyway, the link to the t-shirts for anyone who is interested is:

  4. Hey Chris!
    Thank you so much, I will put the link in the blog comments :)

  5. I'm late in catching this episode, but WOW! Liz, seriously, THIS is why I love you! When you share your experiences, you always do so with an honesty unmatched. I don't know anyone who talks publicly about their blunders like this, and then gives the mind-blowing "how I should have responded" revision. This is so valuable for advocates! Your learning experiences become our collective learning experiences.

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you!


  6. Thanks Tim! Very nice comment, thank you for saying that :-)

  7. What a wonderful thing you did for poor Duffy! You took him in, got him medical care, and found him a home. He looks like such a sweet boy.

  8. Thanks Lara, he is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met <3