Sunday, October 24, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 67 - Reflections, updates and the repressed memory of my first animal-use-showing video!


Revelations!   Now I am wondering if that WAS indeed my first exposure to a video showing animal use, or have I repressed other memories from my specieisist past...?

Here is a link to the article I mentioned from the UK abolitionists that made the Aberdeen Voice

Here is a link to the article I mentioned on the Vegan Salt blog: Guest Post

Thanks for listening!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Liz!  Congratulations on being so close to finishing school!

    Yeah, the first time I saw what happens to baby chicks was the scene in Baraka.

    I was already vegan, but I didn't understand what was happening or why (I wasn't vegan for animal rights at that point).  No one else in the room found the scene disturbing like I did, and there were even people who laughed during it.  :-(

    Oh speciesism...


  2. Another stunning podcast, Elizabeth. I'm so jealous!


  3. Your enthusiasm is contagious, Liz. Thanks for doing these!

  4. Thanks Tim, thanks Roger, thanks Mylène!
    Thanks for listening and for the links too! :-)

  5. OH, I forgot to mention, thank you for releasing a special Birthday episode just for me! :-)

  6. LOL you are welcome I am glad it worked out that way :)