Monday, January 10, 2011

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 72 - Special Guest Niilo Van Steinburg from the UVic Vegan Association and soon to be new abolitionist podcast Seeking Nonspeciesism!


This week I am very pleased to have as my special guest Niilo Van Steinburg who is the founder and one of the directors of the very successful abolitionist vegan university group at the University of Victoria, Canada, the UVic Vegan Association.

If you live in British Columbia you can subscribe to the UVic Vegan Association by emailing them at:

You can also join their facebook fan page at:

Also check out Niilo's blog Seeking Non-Specisism from where he will be soon producing his very own abolitionist vegan podcast!!!  We can't wait to hear it!

The forum we mentioned is where you can find Niilo's "abolitionist mom" Joe and other great advocates, discussing abolitionist veganism and all kinds of other things.

Thanks for coming on the show Niilo!


  1. Ooh, this was great!  It sounds like there's a lot of really awesome work going on in the UVA.  Niilo's so well-spoken, though, that I'm not surprised.  What a great choice for a guest on the show!

    And Liz, I know it's hard work to build something up from scratch, so don't beat yourself up!  The AAbVA will be awesome with you at the helm!

  2. Thanks Tim! We will make it happen!

  3. Great one! I loved the way Niilo get "converted" to veganism. It seems to have happened overnight with a quiet discussion with his friend. As if to become vegan was obvious, easy, quietly…
    Congratulations to you Elizabeth to have such a great guest, you are a very good interviewer in fact you ask exactly the questions we want to ask. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Justin and thank you for listening!

  5. I agree, this was great to listen to. Thank you both for this inspiring interview.

    I don’t want to sound too demanding, but you should make another show together! ;-)

    I always find it so very helpful when you talk about your and William’s conversations with people, their and your reactions, and your afterthoughts. I’m sure Niilo has some wisdom to share as well when it comes to handling tricky situations, asking appropriate questions and providing convincing answers …

  6. Thanks Martin!
    I would love to have Niilo on again. And another episode about the stall is long overdue, you are right about that!