Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 71 - Embrace the Mystery


A thought for the future; not knowing is a wiser way to live in a lot of ways.

Those who say, do not know; those who know, do not say. ~ Lao Tzu

And don't be overwhelmed by those darn animal product use diagrams making the rounds, you know the ones I mean, they are very "popular" amongst poverty of ambition advocates as another excuse for despairing!  Let them spur you on to be even more active and even more determined.


  1. 71! This sure has been going a long time, I hope I get to listen to every single one.
    I love your message Elizabeth, you are positive, and warm. It can be so very, very depressing to think of all the exploitation in the world, but I admire that it makes you stronger. Afterall, to spend your time in the blues is useless. 100% useless, you can't change anything that way, you are not actually acting. I'm glad you podcast because I think people listening will be inspired by you. I certainly am. I'm new to you, but I will carry on listening, I just wish I could get you on my ipod too.

    P.S the music is brilliant :) x

  2. Hi and thank you so much for listening!

    I sometimes get down also, some of my podcasts are sad—but I try not to give into too often, I don't want to bring people down, but every now and then, you know, I have a bad day....

    Anyway, definitely a need for positivity!

    Thank you so much for your kind words!


  3. Bah, don't listen to Liz...  Even her "sad" podcasts are inspirational!  She always gets to the root of the issue, and she always includes a "here's what I'm going to do next time this happens" or "that's why an abolitionist vegan movement is so important" message to transform the sadness into something productive.

    Congratulations—and *thank you!*—for two years of NZ Vegan Podcast!  I look forward to the day when you rename it to the "NZ Went Vegan and So Did the Rest of the World Podcast"...  Has a nice ring to it, eh?  The acronym's a bit unwieldy, but I'll still listen to the NZWVSDRWP any day!

    Respectfully yours,
    An applicant to the "honorary member" status of the Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Association

  4. Hi Tim!

    Thank you SO much for your kindness and positivity and your support! You are always there! Thank you so much!

    And consider yourself an official honorary member of the Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Association!