Monday, May 9, 2011

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 79 - Sharing advocacy experiences and thoughts and a brief comment on the word "cruelty"


This is the article about China's factory conditions I mentioned:

Here is a link to the YouTube channel for Paola Aldana that I mentioned:

Here is a quote from Gary Francione on the word "compassion" (in relation to what I talk about at the very end of the podcast):

"Is our obligation not to be racist or sexist a matter of "compassion"? No. it's a matter of justice. Same with nonhuman animals"


  1. Catching up on your podcasts today and wanted to say that I appreciate your sharing of experiences as an advocate. They're all very thought-provoking. Sometimes being isolated as an abolitionist, I start to put down my guard and miss opportunities. Your podcasts always re-inspire me.

    Also, I wanted to comment on the instance with the woman who was making jokes about the dairy industry after you declined the biscuit. You mentioned that in reacting to her flippant attitude about the suffering of the calves and mothers (particularly as she was a mother herself), you had to suppress your emotions. (Assuming you weren't specifically referring to anger) I think it's unfortunate that the movement has become so gendered and hostile towards emotion. In our effort to legitimate ourselves as a movement we have removed ourselves from the stereotypical identification with the feminine and we squash emotion in favor of strict rational discourse. I wonder if in this instance, if you *had* expressed your emotions, perhaps you could have reached her as a fellow woman. I'm wondering if it might be more fruitful for female activists to begin to embrace our femininity in our activism. Let me be clear, I'm not advocating eco-feminism by any means, I think the recognition of rights is an essential part of abolition, but I think we should recognize the importance of emotion in motivating participation.

  2. Hi Corey! I think you raise some very interesting points, and I would love it if you would come on my podcast and talk about them with me :)