Friday, May 20, 2011

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 80 -Happy Stall Stories and Positivity!


Here is the link to the Shirtless Dancing Guy video I mentioned:

This is the link to the Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals episode about the Oprah Show that I mentioned: Episode 46 - Oprah Goes... Vegan, "Veg*n","veganish"...

Here is the link to the latest Abolitionist Approach Commentary Number 24, an interview by Gary L. Francione with Rob Johnson creator of the blog Animal Rights UK and founding member of Grampion Animal Rights (which in typical me fashion I accidentally called Aberdeen Animal Rights, all my friends ought to be used to my getting things all mixed up by now, but I again apologise for mis-naming another organisation/website etc) and Vegan UK:

Thanks for listening!


  1. Great podcast Elizabeth! I'm glad you see the value of asking a series of questions of people who approach your stall rather than just answer a list of questions ~from~ them.

    In terms of social values, it is good when people verbally articulate what they believe. In terms of animal use, it is when people talk about their socialised values that the contradictions emerge. When speciesists talk to each other about the ethics of using nonhuman animals - to the extent that they ever do - they are likely to reaffirm their speciesists views and they certainly will not challenge the fundamentals of what they think.

  2. Yes it's taken me a while but I am finally getting there! lol. Thanks for the insight and comment about how people talk with each other, reaffirming the speciesism, it is very helpful, I think you are absolutely right

  3. I love this shirtless dancing guy video! Profound!