Sunday, March 2, 2014

NZVP Ep. 115 - Please stop making people feel better about exploiting others

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OH and I forgot to mention (Damn!) this amazing interview with Sarah K. Woodcock by a nonvegan interviewer, it is such a brilliant interview and so inspiring please listen:

And another interview with Sarah from some vegan podcasters:

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This is the quote from Gary Francione I mentioned:

"To believe in a principle of justice and promote that principle clearly is not be "angry." That term is simply a way of putting the principle down by not focusing on the substance and, instead, focusing on the person articulating the principle. 

People always "like" people who don't challenge them but in the world in which you and I live, challenging others is what morality *requires*. It's not optional!"

(In response to a comment on the Gary L. Francione: The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights page in which the commentator said: "I was overwhelmed by all the "angry vegan" personal attacks this week and wanted to be seen as 'nicer' by encouraging this, which did not prove to be effective and went against my conscience anyway.")

Original post on the thread, by the way, was: 
"*All* animal products involve suffering and death. All of them. We should be crystal clear that the *only* rational response to recognizing the moral status of nonhumans is to go vegan. If animals matter morally, then *any* exploitation--however supposedly "humane"--is immoral. To say that being "compassionate" requires that we promote something other than veganism is to say that we are morally obligated to promote immorality. That makes no sense, If you agree that animals matter, veganism--and only veganism--is what makes sense."

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Here is the one I mentioned (but there are heaps more): 23 de noviembre de 2013

And finally here is the link to the Abolitionist Approach Article: Making a Mockery of Gandhi:


  1. I loved it! We as vegans have to continue educating ourselves to avoid these kind of welfarist traps. Loved the content, loved your voice and I feel a bit closer to the day I'll hit the streets with pamphlets and info.

  2. That's wonderful Angel I am so very glad to hear it! Thank you so much! :)