Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 11 - special guest Jordan Wyatt, who talks about protesting, activism and being a young male vegan. Hi to Nancy and Nick!

Listen HERE

This week I have a special guest on the show, Jordan Wyatt, who joins me from the South Island of New Zealand, from the city of Invercargill. We talk about protesting, activism and his experience as a young male vegan. We also talk about how it is to live in a small town or city where there are no resources for vegans for things like personal care products etc. Also a shout out to Nancy and Nick who are listeners who sent me emails all the way from America and Canada. Thanks so much for contacting me and for listening. And thanks to Jordan for coming on the show.
Links to companies that make vegan personal care products:


and to groups that provide information about companies:


This is link to an online store where you can buy Vegan products if you live in New Zealand, and you can go to the physical store in St. Kevins Arcade off Karangahape Road in Auckland. Note: I am not endorsing any welfare campaigns, I am simply endorsing this store and its vegan products.


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