Monday, March 30, 2009

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 14 - Part 2 of the interview with Professor Francione-Peace, Human rights & Animal rights, promoting non-violence in activism

Listen HERE

Part 2 of my interview with Professor Gary Francione in which we continue the discussion of abolitionist veganism as a concept and as a method of activism. We also discuss the importance of the promotion of peace and non-violence in contrast to the troubling violence committed by some animal activists. We talk about the relationship between Human Rights and Animal Rights. We discuss capitalizing on peoples' empathy towards animals, and using that to expose them to the truth of the matter, and Professor Francione illustrates how every person can be a leader and an example in his or her own life. Enjoy! Thank you, Professor Francione.


  1. Great interview. As expected from GLF.

    1. Yes indeed :) Glad you enjoyed it Sonia :) Thanks for all you do