Sunday, March 1, 2009

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 9

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In this episode I address the comment left on my blog post Episode 6, and also an email I received (I think from the same person?) that had a similar reaction to my use of the word obese. It is my first negative reaction and it is very enlightening! I updated the blog description of Episode 6 also, to address the same. Thanks to everyone who has provided input, positive and negative, it is all very useful and helpful.
Also in this episode I am very happy to relate a story that confirms my theory that you can never underestimate anyone as to their one day having the desire to learn about the issue of abolitionist veganism, no matter what first impression you give yourself about them. It is elitist to say only a certain type of person is open to the idea, I disagree entirely and that attitude is very limiting. I think every single person on this earth is just as able to embrace the idea of abolitionist veganism as the next.
Even people who have blogs that are extremely anti-vegan (and that is actually their message, which just lets me know we are starting to make an impression - any opposition means we are having an effect and I look at that as positive reinforcement - all publicity is good publicity so it is said) are capable of seeing the logic and truth behind the morality of veganism if they so choose. Anything is possible, I don't write anyone off, but I also don't go chasing down people who are really really shut down to the idea, or violently opposed to the idea; you can waste a lot of time and let people who are more open to hearing about it at that moment miss out on the chance, so that is the way I engage in activism in my life; at the moment I just leave the really anti-veganism people to themselves.


  1. i listened to the first part of your podcast because i was curious about what you might say in reply, and for the record i have never emailed you, i have only ever left a comment on this page. I find it commical however that you say the insults or what ever they were that you recieved were not relevent so you were just going to ignore them, this was very funny considering you kept mentioning it over and over again. That in its self says it all.

    As for your comment about there not being any obease vegans out there, I know a female who i thought was vegeterain and she is over weight. I saw her the other day and was talking to her about the crap you were spinning, she told me that she isnt vegeterian, that shes actually a vegan, so that kind of blows your thoery out of the water huh lady. She told me she eats alot of sugary foods, and that it is the sugar and chips etc that have caused her to be overweight, so yes you can get overweight vegans. She also told me that she takes supplements, which in my opinion cant be that good for you as far as on an ongoing basis, in my opinion taking supplements shows that you are lacking in something, and in this case its protein. She said she never has enough energy and that is why she over indulges in sugary foods.

  2. Hi Anonymous and thank you for your comment. I would like to point out that I have already made a clear distinction between overweight and obese. Which of these is your friend/acquaintance? You say obese in once sentence then overweight in the next - they distinct from each other, in my use of them, by definition of the word obese, as I have outlined. I have clearly outlined the definition of obese as I mean it when I use the term. If that is the definition that she falls under, and if this is in fact true, then in those circumstances I would have to admit that it is possible to get obese on a vegan diet, if all those things were accounted for. I am happy to admit I am incorrect about my assumptions, however, I do take what you say with a grain of salt... If I were to be proved wrong in my assumption that it is not possible to become obese (as I have defined it as the medical condition - again, different from just being overweight) on a vegan diet, then such is life. I am vegan for ethical reasons as I clearly state. Also my friend, you have just proved yourself incorrect when you say ALL vegans are overly skinny! See? We are none of us infallible.
    Regarding supplements and protein which you say your vegan friend/acquaintance is lacking, well, anyone on earth who only eats sugary foods (and if it is white processed sugar, than it is not vegan - perhaps you could inform her of that. White processed sugar is refined with beef bone and is not vegan, she may like to know that), and potato chips as the majority of their diet will be lacking in nutrition. There is practically zero protein in sugar and potato chips, so no wonder! I would love to be able to help your friend or acquaintance with these issues, please inform her I would be happy to be in contact with her, if she is interested. I love getting in touch with new vegans!
    Coincidentally enough I am going to address the issue of supplements in my next podcast, and diet also on a suggestion from one of my listeners. You have good timing!
    Thanks for listening, Anonymous.

  3. she isnt a new vegan shes been one for years, and yes she is over weight, and you dont just have to have medical problems to be obease either, if you go to any gym ad have a bm1. these days it doesnt take much to actually be classed as obease. I just think overweight is a more polite way of putting things. And yes i know the difference between protein and sugar, it is just that she eats the sugar to get energy, energy that she would have been getting from protein if she ate it. I have no idea what kind of sugar she eats, im guessing the type in chocolate bars etc, and if your trying to tell me that you dont eat chocolate id call you a liar.

  4. Oh and i bet you werent going to do a podcast on supplements,I bet you just stole the idea from my comment, I dont think you could have thought of it yourself.

  5. R U KIDDING? I LOVE chocolate! Of course I only eat vegan chocolate, not chocolate containing milk. However, that is not where I get my energy from. You have a lot to learn about protein, I can't wait to educate you. Please tell your vegan friend/acquaintance that I would love her to get in touch with me; if she thinks she has to get her energy only from chocolate and if she is not eating the correct sources of protein, then she is not doing herself any favours. Chocolate comes from the cacao plant and is rich in anti-oxidants, contains iron and is good for you, (not to mention delicious), but it certainly should not be used as the main form of energy in someone's diet. It sounds like your vegan friend/acquaintance has not been given a lot of advice about diet, and that is one of the things my podcast is about - education education education. I really hope she gets in touch with me, when I say "new" vegan, I mean a new vegan friend - there are not very many of us at the moment, so I love making new vegan friends, especially ones who have been vegan for a long time, I have the utmost respect for them. Please pass along my regards. Thanks for your comment and thanks for listening.

  6. Knuckles, you might be interested to know that a lot of white sugar is actually vegan. In New Zealand, Chelsea sugar hasn't used bone char in its processing since 2003.

    I have been enjoying your podcast but found this episode a bit weird - it's just as possible to be unhealthy eating a vegan diet as it is eating an omni diet. I would say it's easier to be healthy on a vegan diet, but it's totally possible to be a vegan and eat badly.

    & of COURSE there are obese vegans. Google obese vegan - one of the first things that comes up is a discussion on the Post Punk Kitchen forums on this topic:

  7. Hi Moirabot
    thanks for letting me know about Chelsea sugar (and other white sugars too by the sound of it) that is good news. Also, thanks for letting me know about obese vegans. I appreciate your input and knowledge, it is very useful. Mainly, thanks for listening! I hope you keep listening. P.S. I love your website, it is fantastic. Good on you.

  8. Hi again Moira
    I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your website on my blog. I couldn't find an email for you so on the off chance you come back to this comment section, here is a copy of the email I was going to send you:

    "Hi Moira
    thanks for setting me straight and for letting me know about chelsea sugar also, I am glad to hear that, and maybe some other white sugars too? I really like your website so unless you object I am going to put a link on my blog site to it, and maybe mention it in my next episode, I am also going to tell people about Angel Food because the owner has said that is ok, so unless you tell me not to I am going to plug your website too ok?
    Thanks for listening! The best thing is you are a Kiwi and live in Auckland too, that is the second time I have had anyone else from New Zealand contact me. I have a listener from Invercargill and that's it for NZ so I am thrilled to hear from you. And you are very knowledgeable as well, you must be a long time vegan by the sounds of it? I am a very recent vegan, lots to learn.
    Well take care, thanks again

  9. Hi again,

    Thanks for replying! I've just added contact information to my blog, thanks for pointing out that it was hard to find. You're definitely welcome to link to or mention my blog, thanks for the kind words. I've linked to your podcast and had been meaning to write a post about it - hope that's okay? I just found your podcast recently through your email to the veganzchat list. I listened to your interview with Gary Francione last night as well - good stuff! I think his message is really important.

    I was going to ask if you ever listen to Vegan Freaks, but just noticed you link to them - they've interviewed him a couple of times too and I really appreciate their abolitionist perspective.

    I've been vegan for about 6 years, vegetarian for 15, so it's been a while, but I still feel like I'm learning more all the time. One of the main reasons I started my blog was to make it easier for people to make vegan choices just by sharing what I know and find. There are quite a few vegans in Auckland, but it's not easy to find information online about vegan options. One of the important factors that helped me go vegan was a growing awareness that veganism was not an extreme or difficult thing to do. I'm hoping that my blog will make being vegan in Auckland a bit easier and less intimidating for people, whether they live here or are visiting. (Plus it's a good excuse to eat vegan cupcakes).

    It was great to find your podcast, it's good to see more NZ vegan content online. Best of luck with it.