Friday, December 10, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 69 - With special guest William Paul!


This week I speak with William Paul my fellow abolitionist street staller and vegan advocate from Auckland.  We discuss the NZ Vegetarian Society Festival that was held in October, our future plans for advocacy and we also discuss the Auckland Abolitionist Vegans Association, which we will be launching soon!

Congratulations to Jordan Wyatt from Coexisting with Nonhuman Animals for creating the Invercargill Vegan Society!

Become a member if you live nearby, or become an honorary member by going to this blog entry and leaving a comment:


  1. a very interesting interview , which was more than just veganism in NZ.
    so many things came into my head for example:
    the counselor @ William's school needs to be reported to their governing board , (for they broke the standards for counselors that are present in Great Britain ,America , etc) the session was for William , not the counselor , the issue of her husband should have not been brought up , in a counseling session it is the person attending, not the counselor who decide what to talk about and what to keep to themselves, to talk about their husband was as unethical as using animal skins for shoes , also a counselor has to remain neutral in the session even they are strongly against what the person as brought to the session.

    with regards to the shoes, the problem is the school staff and the dress code policy not the issue with Williams shoes or personal feeling. if a person had to wear (for want of a better word) spastic shoes from a hospital , then the school cannot object , for at least there would international uproar. there has to be small discretions attached to rules, and the decision should be put forward , and decided upon basing the decision on the merits of the case in question.
    William did not attend school with brightly colored sneakers , but plain black shoes ,which is an acceptable compromise.

    thirdly , New Zealand, seem to have not forward to the 21 century, that as it was a new colony , it is taking time to be up to date with the rest of the world and that veganism , is just one victim of a out of dated country. and like so many country who were behind the times there had to be persons willing to be founding father in many field , like black right, vote for woman, anti/pro abortion etc etc , so person like William (and Elizabeth collins) are the founding fathers of veganism in New Zealand, and as such will have to bear the hatred of the people in order to make change.

    this podcast is just one of the ways to bring veganism to
    fore . it will break down the prejudices . i am sure if podcasts were around in Martin Luther King's day that he would have embraced these way of broadcasting the issues far and wide.
    for me to hear this in Great Britain ,it is a call to the international vegan community , to fight for their vegan brothers and sister in NZ and veganism in general down under.
    one idea is for a website for vegans outside NZ to email complaints and words of protests to NZ bodies , even the government to change NZ and veganism down under
    and finally to William Keep going!, do not let the school get you down , they .DO NOT what is best for the school, pupils, YOU DO, keep fighting and walking proud and tall for animals and for veganism. you will change the situation for the better, after all many mole hill make a mountain!!!!!!

    oh great podcast Elizabeth. very informative and interesting , keep it going

  2. Thank you so much for your support Chris and for listening! And for your wonderful positive energy :-)

    Great to know you are out there too :)

  3. you'r welcome :)