Thursday, December 23, 2010

NZ Vegan Podcast Episode 70 - On pessimism, optimism and fantasy versus reality

LISTEN HERE (Huge apologies for the terrible audio quality, I hit record without first verifying the input, so instead of my logitech headphones it was set to the inbuilt mic, which is why there is all that noise and stuff.  It happens sometimes lol )

Here is the article of the interview with Gary Francione that I mentioned:

(What he says is about "passivity" and exactly is not necessarily what I paraphrased, but it certainly made me understand that the "pacifist" claim made against us is trying to insinuate "passivity" and that is not true).
Here is another quote from Gary Francione about this subject:

"Those who claim that the abolitionist approach [to animal rights] advises inactivity misunderstand that the idea is to engage in *effective* advocacy rather than in wheel-spinning and counterproductive activity that generates donations and bequests for large groups."

Here is the article by Randy Sandberg on his Vegans for Peace website that I mentioned:

Here is the article by Emmy James that I mentioned:
Facebook link (you will probably only be able to see it if you are a facebook contact of Emmy's)

Here is the quote by Mylène Ouellet that I mentioned:

Here is the must read article Why Veganism by Eva Batt:
Also available HERE

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